Highbrau is a proposed independent beer maker in Chicago, IL.
The founder, Brian Davis, graduated from the Siebel Institute (beer school!) and intended on expanding his personal brews into a brick and mortar brewpub. However, presented with the opportunity to move to Denmark to work as a brewer, he put the project on hold.
The beer selections are named for (often obscure) literary references, which led him to the name Highbrau. Given this theme and the playful naming of the proposed company, I developed the tagline "The Knowledge For Thirst".
The visual style is both minimal and ordered, cued by the Germanic element of the name, and rounded out with continued references to library related themes.
One such library themed element of collateral I developed is the Growler Card. Upon purchasing a growler (one half-gallon), a card in pocket is opened for the customer. The brew (or "Edition") selected is recorded on the card along with the date it is "checked out" and the pocket is labeled with their name. This individual card in pocket is stored in a card file on site to be updated with each additional growler purchase. This record of the customer's purchases can be used for customer loyalty promotions or to make recommendations on future purchases while maintaining a thoughtful continuity with the library experience.