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    Developer portal created for HTC.
When HTC's CEO mandated that the company be more adept at developer outreach, the company began a quest to be more open both with their own platform and users themselves by allowing web-based unlocking of their Bootloaders.

No small ask, even for the company who built the phones themselves.

So we created a place for the company to begin it's outreach from. 

Developers have long created their own communities. It was decided early on to not try and replace this existing conversation, but rather add to it what only HTC could uniquely offer. Platform specific information for development using HTC's 'Sense' features.

We worked with HTC's developers in Taiwan to integrate and expose their internal systems to the web through a gorgeous interface.

That, along with links to active developer forums and sites. With Bootloader unlocking available to the user, the CEO's challenge was both accepted and completed.