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    Web design execution for the redesign of the Google Chrome Store.
The Chrome Store was suffering from a dated interface amid a slew of new products and devices out in the world all touting the latest in user interfaces. We were asked to research and completely redesign the store from the ground up.

As a primary destination for all users of the Chrome web browser, it is clear that every business choosing to create apps for the store has gained significant exposure. The success stories speak for themselves.

The site itself features a unique 'infinite scroll, no reload' approach where the user never experiences the usual page refresh in addition always having content to scroll through. When scouting for new apps, people are quickly scanning potentially hundreds of items - our goal was to make this process as smooth and uninterrupted as possible. 

With those tricks in addition to extremely tight quality design and motion tests that were handed off, the whole project came together with the expert development led by Google's engineering teams.