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    Character design of a Singapore-special princess for localized Japanese game, My Princess is the Cutest (or ウチの姫さまがいちばんカワイイ)
CDS was approached by Garena Online through a recommendation to design a representative character for the localized version of their latest license, My Princess is the Cutest (or in Japan, ウチの姫さまがいちばんカワイイ)
After some negotiations and discussion, the final concept of the character was provided to us for designing. The concept will be for the character to be the 'Princess of Orchids' with the ability to control the elements for the best orchid bloom. That, of course, is because Singapore is also known for our national flower, the orchid, Vanda 'Miss Joaquim'.
There will be a basic form for the princess followed by two evolved, power-uped versions of the same character. 
The original design was simpler but we went for something more elaborate in the end. Unlike other evolution-based collector digital card games, the characters change their pose drastically for each evolved form. So the standard method of having the base form and modifying from there did not apply. 
These are the final deliverables, inclusive of the background. 
The game itself was launched on 5 August 2015 and Joaquim Lee was added to the game on 9 Aug 2015. They did switch our 'Evolved Form 1' to be the base form. 
Account Management: KC Ng
Character Designer: Low Zi Rong
Illustration touch-up: Antonio Low