Nam Product Packaging
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    Branding Identity and Package Design
Nam Product Packaging
Product Development, Identity, and Packaging Design
Project Outline:
Develop, design, and produce of an fictional exhibition campaign for World Food Expo 2012. 

Shrimp, Veggie, Pork Spring Roll.
Three initial varieties were created, not counting the Assorted Box, or the gift sets.
A slide top, wooden box packaging to hold three spring rolls, with dipping sauces. Clean design allows the showcase of the packaging to be the ingredients themselves.  The packaging offers a simple, clean and modern take. Nam packaging also offers a high-end experience for all five senses to engage in, following with Vietnamese methodology in cooking.

The Nam Spring Roll Gift Kits were developed as a secondary product to the pre-rolled spring rolls. Kits would offer the supplies and materials necessary to make your own spring rolls at home.
   Top View: Each box has a sleeve, the images on the box correlates directly with the fresh ingredients contained in each spring roll.
 Each box has a "slide top", revealing the contents inside. The interior wrapping is reminiscent to the pattern that resides on the rice wrapping on the spring rolls themselves. 
Pork Spring Roll Box
 Veggie Spring Roll Box
Shrimp Spring Roll Box

Assorted Spring Roll Box Design