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180 Days of Interface #Challenge

Day 1 - Restaurant Interface
I chose the following:
INTERFACE: Android / Kindle (7" screen tablet)
RESTAURANT: The Ram (www.theram.com)
CHALLENGES: This restaurant is well known in the region.  I found it quite a surprise to visit their website and find it fairly low-tech.  In their defense, I bet there aren't many who use their website, but from a User Experience perspective, their website is reinforcing that current trend...  In any event, this is the kind of restaurant which has its own home-brews and a great deal of wonderful food to choose from, regardless if you're in a healthy or highly-unhealthy mood.
Day 2: Sharknado!
After my work day, I spent my time working on fixing hot tub plumbing and ended up running a bit thin on time for this challenge.  So – paying homage to the recently watched, super-delayed viewing of one of the most epic movies of all time, I present to you a countdown timer.  Useful to know when a Shark-laden-tornado may touch down upon your town.
Day 3: PILLS
Brain child of evening procrastination! 
PILLS is a pharma tracking app.  Take a snapshot of your medicine container and the application magically reads the label and fills out the contents.
180 Days of Interface #Challenge

180 Days of Interface #Challenge

Challenging myself to 180 (week) days of interface design. I primarily work in wireframes, perform usability studies, and occasionally dabble in Read More


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