I've done many presentations for TED speakers, usually working directly with them to help shape their story. This project for Hannah Fry's talk, The Mathematics of Love, was a unique one in particular because the talk had already happened. In a way it made things easier in that there was not going to be last minute changes to the script, but at the same time posed a challenge in that I could not make suggestions for changes, even if I felt they would help the presentation. 
The Overview
During the course of the talk, Hannah explains different methods for applying math to your love life, or the "Top Three Mathematically Verifiable Tips for Love." So when planning the overview I geeked out a bit. First of all, no talk about finding love would be complete without Cupid, and what better way to incorporate mathematics then to plot his arrow's projectile motion to our target. All I had to do from there is place the tips on different places on the trajectory and I had the perfect overview.
Tip Two: How to Pick the Perfect Partner
This section was actually my favorite, both for information and design. It was such an interesting topic and I really enjoyed visualizing the theory in action.
The Conclusion
What better way to end the talk, but to have the target get struck. Be sure to check out the footage of Hannah's talk on TED as well as the Prezified Version.