Sketchbook ca. 2009: Mechanical Pencil in a Moleskine
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    Excerpts from a sketchbook from the winter/spring of 2009. By Lars K. Huse.
This here are excerpts from a sketchbook I worked on in the Winter/ spring of 2009. Mechanical graphite pencil in a Moleskine sketchbook.
Cover, A6 Moleskine sketchbook, sticker by Will Sweeney.
I remember I drew this in a coffee shop in Oslo whilst listening to The album "In Rainbows" by Radiohead. 
Me at the time, and I even threw in a vespa helmet for good measure.
Mr. Ivar Bowitz, AKA Cold Mailman. for some reason unknown to me I felt like giving him a tennis racket.
A weird guy I had observed previously in Helsinki, Finland. I do believe he was photographing birds.
This guy is a BIG asshole that I cannot stand the sight of. Here he is as a Transvestite.
I do believe this to be a sketch I did for the "Hunting Lodge" exhibition we did in June of 2009. Lumberjack type person.
I was frustrated, I guess, self portrait of some kind.
All the time I have lived in Oslo, I have lived in loft apartments, having pigeons as my breakfast companions.