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    This Project showcases the Automotive work I have had the pleasure of working on at Ford Motor Company as well as some personal projects. More to… Read More
    This Project showcases the Automotive work I have had the pleasure of working on at Ford Motor Company as well as some personal projects. More to come soon!!! Read Less
Personal Project
MyCro personal vehicle establishing a project and objective
A well established customer defines the look and functionality in any vehicle

Exploring Structure as an aesthetic Exterior element. It also serves a functional purpose
Possible Nike co-branding for the Mycro vehicle and pulling the influence of the brand into the aesthetics.
Mini hot rod styled MyCro exploration
Developing the final look and defining the MyCro through sketching.
Infusing Individuality and allowing the customer to decide what they want is important in todays society.
Interchangeable body panels and self made graphics can give the customer freedom to express themselves.
Final Renderings of MyCro Personal Vehicle
Ford Focus Development for the Model year 2008
Exploring possible directions for themes and infusing the excitement of "Tuners" into the domestic market through the Focus program. Using the existing platform to creating a new 2Dr Coupe and a 5Dr Hatch.
Two different directions for the Focus. One on the left being more conservative and one on the right more aggressive
My Final Proposal for the Focus 2Dr Coupe
Exploration and development of the 5Dr Hatch version of the Focus - Unfortunately this part of the program was canceled as I believe it could have been a great success
Interior sketch themes and rendering that helped influence the final interior design of the Focus.
The Interior has a great amount of flexibility and allows the customer to individualizy and customize things to their liking.
This begins my contribution to the development of the 2005 Mustang.
I established a 16ft x 20 ft Image board to exude the image and feeling of the Mustang Brand which was also used later on as a backdrop for the studio photos.
Establishing a vision for the Mustang helped me to develop two aesthetic directions for me to develop.
Retro sketches
Modern Sketches
An interior proposal for the Mustang program
Developing the Mustang seats and levels of trim in the 2005 mustang
Utility vehicles are an important part of our society today and are integral in how we interact in our daily lives. Each one suits a particular need and function.
They are necessities and will  not become extinct but....
With todays gas prices and environmental issues I believe there is a need for these vehicles to be Smarter and more Functional than ever.
Development of customer and addressing needs of the vehicle to be a smarter functioning machine.
I am proud to say that the development of this vehicle started with te two sketches to the left.  No renderings were necessary for me to direct the full size clays on the right page.
Full size Glamor Clay