This is an imaginary project of the different landmarks
from all over the world if they were in Egypt and landmarks
from Egypt if they were in other places.
The old view of the Pyramids 
Rio Christ at Saint Catherine
Saint Basil's Cathedral at Cairo streets
Cairo University / Tropea Province of Vibo Vaelntia Italy 
Louvre Museum at Giza Pyramids 
Sydney Opera House in Aswan
Groppi at Annecy The Venice of France 
iStatue of Liberty in Alexandria
Pisa tower at Tahrir
Cairo Tower/Eiffel Tower
London Eye on the Nile 
Big Ben at Korba
The Citadel of Salah ElDin / Taj Mahal
Colosseum at Alexandria 
El Baron Palace Lake View 
Stanely Bridge in France 
Naguib Mahfouz statue / Grand Buddha statue
Saad Zaghloul Statue
Eiffel Tower at Moez Street
ماذا لو What If

ماذا لو What If

المشروع كله بدأ أني كنت عاوز أتخيل شكل قصر البارون علي بحيرة وبعد ماخلصت الصورة جاتلي أفكار تانية كتيرو قلت هيبقي شكلها أزاي لو عملتها و من هنا ج Read More
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