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    Three dimensional freehand drawings engraved by laser in glass cubes. Size: 10cmx10cmx20cm


vol. I.

"Exiting the realm of flat depiction and stretching the limits between sculpting and graphic arts by creating three dimensional freehand drawings."

"Nip in the bud"
The concept is around the ruthless nature of consumerism. The fetus in the womb is being consumed by us: the consumers of present day. Even if unintentionally, but we do destroy our future with the harum scarum behavior of our societies. The umbilical cord curled up on a fork may seem disturbing, but on occasions our way of life is shocking as well.

"Will God save us?"
With this work I am reflecting on the institutionalized, mass-media-frenzy-manipulation called religion. The barbwire like a rosary wrapping the hands is the symbol of the walls that bigot people are raising around themselves.

"Nip in the bud" / "Csírájában" 2011 by Robin Kosnas
"Nip in the bud" / "Csírájában" 2011 by Robin Kosnas
"Nip in the bud" / "Csírájában" 2011 by Robin Kosnas
"Will God save us?" / "Isten megment?" 2011 by Robin Kosnas