Care & Imperial Leather beauty care /// CGI Promo shots
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    CGI Promotional Advertising Imagery of Carex & Imperial Leather beauty care for Hark Creative.
Carex & Imperial Leather beauty care CGI promotional advertising visuals.
3D Modeling, Rendering & Compositing.
Client: Cussons
Design Agency: Hark Creative Ltd
3D & CGI Illustration Studio: Officina Poligonale Ltd
"Hailed as a liquid gold for your hair and skin, oil inclusions is a bathing and beauty category hot trend. Drawing inspiration from the exotic fragrances within each bottle, we created individual designs evocative of Morocco’s Moorish architecture, Sri Lankan Henna designs and Polynesian Tribal art from Hawaii, all encased in a luxurious gold foil droplet" - Hark Creative
The Moisturising variants needed to feel richer and even more luxurious than the current range, and so a palette of white and fragrance accent colours was chosen to provide differentiation and contrast, with the plumes feeling richer, creamier and more nourishing. The Mens’ variant, an ice cold blast with fractured sharp edges portrayed the instant glacial coolness of their Foamburst moment" - Hark Creative
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