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    Social media presences for a range of different clients and personal projects, covering use of Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and YouTube to carry… Read More
    Social media presences for a range of different clients and personal projects, covering use of Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and YouTube to carry and promote messages. Read Less
Social media presences
Facebook, twitter, and Foursquare presences for a range of different brands

As well as designing and producing web presences, I've managed a number of different social media presences for brands and organisations, setting up Facebook pages and groups, Twitter feeds and Fourquare places to provide communication between companies, their clients and the public. These have also helped raise awareness of brands and causes, and helped recruit new interest.

Facebook groups and pages

I've produced Facebook pages, groups and events for a range of clients and my own projects, including club nights, DJs, technical programming books, and more. I find it important that the correct medium is used, and used properly - it's important to select if a presence needs a page, a group or an event, and that they are well publicised, though advertising mediums, word of mouth, or even by providing further links and details, such as connecting using Likes and photo tagging.

These pages have also been maintained by me, and provide regular updates to fans on current progressions with each project. 

I have also set-up and maintained Twitter feeds for clients and projects, two of which you can see above - a club night, and an upcoming book on the Java programming language. This also provides an extra way of communicating with fans, as well as providing links to relevant material, and extending community.


In the case of one project, Republic club night (more details of which you can see here), I created a Foursquare place, so that visitors to the club could check in, and deals could be offered to regular check-ins. This helped provide a constant presence in the mind of visitors to the club, as well as an element of competition to the presence.


Another use of social media to increase awareness - I created a YouTube account for the club night, and compiled a playlist of videos from bands whose music was to be played there. We promoted this on Facebook and Twitter as a 'warm-up' mix - for people to listen to before they went to the club, and get in the mood for the evening. It also provided an excellent way of getting people to listen to the music before they went, making sure the dance floor would be full on the night.


All of the social media presence relied on a central website as a hub for information about each project. Above you can see thumbnails of the Republic club night website (full project details here) and the Java Developer website (full project details here). Both websites were created by me, and utilised up-to-date techniques, such as HTML5 font-face, Wordpress blog frameworks, and more, as well as cutting-edge design.

For further details about this project, or how I can help you promote your club, company or brand, please feel free to contact me at andy@sableindustries.co.uk