Celebrating the collaboration of Lexus and will.i.am on the launch of the new NX model this limited edition record vinyl features the track ‘Dreamin about the future’ which is featured on the launch commercials. Its distinctive, angular shape takes its cues from the NX’s sharp lines and is the main concept behind the whole campaign. Built from a heavy grade, aluminium folding shell it slowly reveals the unique record vinyl within which itself mirrors the outer casing. Extensive testing was required for the correct positioning of the turntable spindle in order to find the centrifugal centre considering such an unusual shape. The vinyl is housed in a heavy weave, grey fabric to both protect it and continue the sense of luxury the Lexus brand embodies.
Concept, design and typography – Rob Ferrara, Liz Oakley and Loty Ray for CHI&Partners, London
3D Visuals – David Turfitt for CHI&Partners, London