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    Nutritional guide aimed to parents whit children affected with obesity
Nutritional Guide
Aimed to children affected with obesity
We have been commissioned to create, design and develop a guide targeted to parents whose children are affected with obesity. Being part of a course imparted within the Hospital de Vall d'Hebron in Barcelona, its main goal is to teach healthy nutritional behaviours and concepts in order to improve habits and general well-being.
Our approach was done in a quite wide range. Master pages have been defined to nest every kind of different amount of concepts (introduction with "Ambar the oracle", page focused on exercises, a page with information, tips on how to cook, betwen others). Along with the editorial approach, illustrations have been developed to match concepts that need a visual highlight to get to the point, as well as the open page for every new chapter where through illustration it is briefly shown the gist of the chapter.