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    Infographics for belarusian social project: http://www.talaka.by/projects/699
Art. Lebedev Studio started their project “The Sign Everyone Takes Pictures With” at 2012. Since then 54 city signs were installed in different cities of Russia and Ukrain. There is an initiative to have such sign in Minsk, my hometown, now. Special crowdfunding project was launched for this purpose. Guys from the project asked me to make infographics about the signs for attracting public involvement.
Information that I got from project guys and Art. Lebedev Studio website
In my infographics I wanted not only show 54 existing signs but also somehow help people in deciding what should future sign look like. As choice of its color is a hot topic, I decided to look on existing signs on color aspect. I hoped to find hidden patterns in color choice or something like this.
First steps and finding the conception
While sketching and drawing first parts of the infographics I found a conception: to bind types of signs, their geography and history by lines. It seemed good idea for me that viewer can see the whole picture and every aspects of each single sign at the same time.
Wrong way
But on practice I got only mess from this idea :) I understood that colors are good binders themselves. I could tell all I wanted without additional lines.
Correction of the conception
After finishing my work guys from the project showed it to Artemy Lebedev. My theory about hidden patterns wasn't confirmed. Despite that I got good review and lots of comments, wich helped me to correct mistakes. 
So the infographics became good teaser for social media. Thanks to it everybody can learn everything about “The Sign Everyone Takes Pictures With” at a glance now.