Mystique Winery Wordmark & Business Card
Create a two-color wordmark logo and business card for Mystique Winery, a small, fictitious, family-owned winery located just outside Healdsburg, CA. The wordmark should communicate a friendly, welcoming message with a hint of winery sophistication and should remain effective at small sizes and in both color and black and white. My role: Concept to finished artwork. Mystique Winery name and business card text provided.

Fun, sophisticated, unique. Not overly fancy or stuffy (isolating). Although Mystique Winery is family-owned and welcoming to all, its wine is as sophisticated as any lavish, exclusive neighboring winery, and the wordmark must reflect that.
No complicated imagery! Bold and unapologetic, sparking interest and a sense of mystery (mystique!). 

Wordmark: Unique but not distracting (i.e., legible). No cliche winery script font. Air of modernism to be implied, as opposed to stagnant tradition. Business card: Clean, modern sans serif.

Will anchor Mystique Winery to traditional wine industry. Think maroon, mauve, brown, gray. If both wordmark and color scheme were non-traditional, Mystique could risk being too different and isolate much of its potential market. Goal: simultaneously fit in and stand out!

Initial Concepts & Process
I played with many fonts, looking at them side-by-side to determine which would be most compelling.I sketched out some ideas using the top choices andmoved the strongest sketches to digital format, playing with composition.
I eliminated concepts (too expected, boring, didn't tie well to wine) until one wordmark was left. It fulfilled creative intentions (modern, unique, legible, bold) and felt more cohesive than the others.
Rough Wordmark
I liked the idea of using small circles since they subtly tie to wine (bottles, glasses, corks, bubbles). But these were arbitrary circles, just standing there randomly next to the "M." I connected them and replaced the dot on the "i" with a circle for repetition. Red and brown were the original colors, but red was too alarming and brown was just...brown:
Final Wordmark
The circles were distracting hanging beneath the baseline, so I reduced the circles to three and aligned them with the height of the "M." I also changed the colors to maroon and black, tinting the circles to a blush shade of maroon. This left me with the final version (along with black & white variations and size variations):
Business Card
The business card featured a wine stain from front to back to highlight the fun, easy vibe of Mystique Winery. The clean sans serif font kept it modern while the muted blush color scheme helped ground the design with a sense of tradition/trust.
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Mystique Winery Wordmark & Business Card

Mystique Winery Wordmark & Business Card

Two-color wordmark logo and business card for Mystique Winery, a small, fictitious, family-owned winery located just outside Healdsburg, CA.


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