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Farmer's Insurance
Farmers Insurance • Jack in the Box • 2012
Starring JK SimmonsDirector: Fred Savage (yes, that Fred Savage) 
Production Designer: Andy Reznik
Illustrator: Julianna (JP) Parr
Agency: RPA
Production Company: Über Content

New spot for Farmers Insurance entitled "Jack In The Box, The University of Farmers" starring J.K. Simmons as Professor Nathaniel Burke, who teaches America's smartest insurance agents how to help their customers avoid costly surprises.
 JK Simmons Turns the Crank...
What do you think is going to happen to this Jack in the Box? If you've seen other Farmers commercials, I think you know that whatever it is, it will be unexpected!
Hero House: Ranch 
Here is the final illustration for the side of the Jack in the Box, the side you can see in the commercial. Note the bunnies on the lawn... each house (side) has some kind of cute animal associated with it. I also made many different borders, designs and colors around the houses (the Jack in the Box decor) and I also sketched more houses than these, in varying styles, shades and colors.
It's true. Many special effects are computer generated, but not this one. They really did drop that space capsule on the box, and they made a few boxes just to make sure it was crushed just right. 
Double Crush
Three Jack in the Boxes were made for the shoot for the purpose of taking multiple "crush" shots, just to be sure the shot had maximum excellence. Here are the remainders hanging out off set. 
Another Angle of Crushed Jack in the Boxes
I designed four different houses for the commercial. All viewers can see is the front, and a hint of the side, so here is a little peek at the "farm house" which featured a couple of golden retrievers in the yard. 
Space Capsule Close Up! 
Just so you can see how big this thing really is! Sebastian Johnson on the left, yours truly on the right, and here is the actual space craft that was dropped on the boxes. It's pretty big, and not very light.
 This is a detail of the farm house. Observe the golden retrievers... 
 This mid-century modern house is my personal favorite... maybe because of the butterflies. 
Here's the Colonial House with kitties on the lawn... 
The Lid
This is one of many renderings of the possible design for the top of the Jack in the Box. As you can see from the ad, you don't ever see the top of the box, it gets crushed, but it's good to know what it might've looked like, if it did have a top! 
Filmed at Downey Studios (Nerd Alert) 
The whole thing, as well as many other Farmers Insurance spots being filmed that week, was shot at Downey Studios, which, in my book, is one of the coolest places to visit. 
Why would I be excited about a gigantic drafty warehouse in the middle of nowhere?The studios were created out of the former Boeing plant where the Space Shuttle orbiters as well as some vehicles for the Apollo space program were assembled. It's also home of the largest indoor water tank in North America. Basically, it is a super-mega nerd-trivia spot, and I had a great time visiting. 
Find the "Lake"
Here we are inside the cavernous space of Downey Studios. You can shoot more than nine commercials at once in here, it's VAST, you could rollerskate in here for hours. You can kind of make out the giant trough, which is the aforementioned famous water tank that can hold 6 million gallons of water. It's a 65,000 square foot concrete lake! 
Want to know more? Here's the official site for Downey Studios
Farmer's Insurance

Farmer's Insurance

New spot for Farmers Insurance entitled "Jack In The Box, The University of Farmers" starring J.K. Simmons as Professor Nathaniel Burke, who teac Read More