Conference poster ( double-sided)
This is conference poster designed for the Doors of perception event. The ideas and talks for this conference relate to book In the Bubble by John Thackara. This book has ten different chapters with themes such as speed, lightness and locality. In each chapters, design and technology is talked about in terms of  the excess that we are creating.  The book makes you think about the roll that technology has played in the past and present as well as how we can still create innovate design without adding to the wastebasket, whose contents will eventually end up in landfills throughout the world.
The setting for my conference is Seoul, Korean which is why I chose to photography the popular Korean dish bim bim bap to represent the ideas discussed in this conference. This dish is a great self-contained one pot meal that incorporates protein, grains, and a variety vegetables. It's both filling and satisfying. This is exactly how we should think about creating technology. Instead of design a piece of technology that gets an excessive amount of add-ons,  that will generate more waste in the long run, why not create something that is self-contained, built to last, satisfies more long term needs and better for the environment at the end of the day.
Actual dimensions 30x40 inches