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    This was just another meandering trip to Gokarna located on the border of Karnataka and Maharastra. To get closer to nature and myself.
God's land, on the border of Maharasthra and Karnataka.
Located on the border of Maharashtra and Karnataka, this was a trip to a place called Gokarna which means ' cows ear'.
It has the most untouched beaches and pinkest skies that I have ever seen. What makes it interesting is the cultural mix of
the Kannadiga's with Maharasthrian names living here and its architecure within small towns and its scenic beaches. These images capture textures, characteristic elements and interesting moments within the small sleepy towns and the vast expanses of the beaches.
The traditional houses here have ornamental elements embedded within thier architecture.
Kudle Beach
Textures of the sea on the sand.
Unusual, unseen and untouched.