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    The rapid development of a fully functional and fully adjustable backpack blower for toddlers.
Just one month before Christmas, my two year old told me, "Dad, I want a backpack blower". Thinking he'd forget, I asked again. My wife asked... and my inlaws asked. His answer, "I want a backpack blower" When he anonuced to people, "Santa is giving me a backpack blower for Christmas", I knew I had to think fast.
This project outlines the marriage of my old Camelbak, a Black & Decker hand-held blower, one 20A switch I robbed from my old microwave, misc wiring, couplers, hardware, hose clamps and scrap ABS sheet. The result, a durable, fully functional and adjustable backpack blower for a two year old child.
Before & After
Creating the handle.
Bypassing the main switch for the functioning momentary switch on the handle. The main power switch still worked so that the unit could be turned off at the motor.
Modifying the Camelbak.
Final Assembly
A very happy kid! 
I love you little buddy!