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    Toadtripping USA
The Roadtrip
 Roadtripping U S A
"This is the only country in the world," said Wednesday, into the stillness, "that worries about what it is."
"The rest of them know what they are. No one ever needs to go searching for the heart of Norway. Or looks for the soul of Mozambique. They know what they are."

- American Gods
So being from Norway, we head out to The USA (a few times actually..)

So in no particular order - this is what we found    
The Blue Ridge Parkway
Canyon de Chelly, Arizona
Looking out over Monument Valley
Outside Kemah, Texas
Those Machines, Texas
Those Other Machines
Concrete Garden, Utah    
     Antelope Canyon, Arizona.
Shooting, New Mexico         
You Dont Need Pants in New Mexico
House of Kipp, Kemah Texas
Driving in to New York
Leaving New Orleans driving to Memphis alongside Misiisippi
Aaaaww, long sunny days™
When we are bored, we dress up    
Dropping by at Evis place eyeballing his cars. Graceland, Memphis    
Washington DC
Closing in on NYC
Nightwalking in New Orleans which smells like a nifty mixture of piss and vomit, stearing at the Greater New Orleans bridge
38 photos of NYC combined into some sort of panorama.
Bank Of America, NYC
Alcatraz, SF
Manhattan from the Rivington Hotel
     Resting just outside Albuque
The only sane thing to do in Las Vegas - lokking away and up
Sun setting alongside Highway 1, California
Cityscape, San Francisco from my room at the Hilton Hotel.