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    Self Branding for my freelance graphic design and branding work. To hire me contact me at Beaumontdesign@hotmail.com
This is a showcase of my self branding as a freelance designer, under the name Beaumont Design.

My name Is Chris Beaumont and decided to focus on the meaning of my surname as a basis for my branding.

In French Beaumont means, 'beautiful mountain'. I was interested in the imagery that could be used with this as the focus.

My logo (as seen in my avatar) is a combination of the imagery in the name Beaumont design. Part of it is a simplified image of  the tip of a pencil and the small section of negative space at the top represents snow turning the image into a beautiful mountain.

Keep check back if you like the designs as I will be adding more as I get it, including printed business cards and web design.