Hendrick's Gin Compilation
How to crown a gin that's not for everyone.
Hendrick's is exclusive. That's not a secret, as it is printed on its label,
felt it in your pocket, and tasted on its truly delightful imagery.
It was a pleasant challenge for us to work for this brand for 2 years
with the Unusual Rose & Cucumber Society, the community for our brand lovers
filled with brand events, CRM, social media content and our greatest
yet influenced by liquor passion.
Merchandising & Direct Marketing
Our peculiar gallery of goods, odds, and ends
created for brand events, and community rewards.
The Hocus & Pocus Unusual Circus
A brand event that allowed us to create juicy prints.
The H&P Unusual Circus presents Basil P. Peanow. 
The throw-cucumbers-and-hide-gin-tonics Master of Ceremonies.
The H&P Unusual Circus presents Petal. 
The muscular beard lady and her terrific cucumbers.
The H&P Unusual Circus presents Snooz.
The one man band between nap and nap.
The H&P Unusual Circus presents Zoltan.
The clairvoyant whom predicts the future with certainty and panic.
The H&P Unusual Circus presents Ginnie Rogers.
The dancer that came from Canterbury inside a shoe box.
The HDK Unusual Stores
We created a holding of victorian shops to avoid the restrictions
for outdoor advertising of alcoholic drinks.
Unfortunately, the client (pooped his pants) dropped the project.
Gloves for Challenge.
This honorable shop provides the finest fashion items
to reply moral offences like a true gentlemen. Backhanded.
Steam Devices.
Meet the cutting edge technology of the 19th century.
Handmade gadgets with countless uses derivated from steam,
such as the british atmospheres generator to make your bones
ache like home.
Eruditions for unusual living
our best and most bizarre pieces of wisdom.
Awards & Honorable Mentions:
Bronze - Promotional Marketing @ El Sol ‘12
Gold - Best decoration @ Eventoplus '12
Gold - Low-cost event @ Eventoplus '12
Silver- Print @ Best Pack '12