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    Exclusive Books campaign
Exclusive Books
I had to create a campaign for Exclusive books, aimed at getting young children between the age of 10 and 13, back into the bookstore. The campaign must be placed in the mall space and engage children to entice them into the bookstore
Rationale: Questions about interesting and bizarre facts have been placed around the mall next to a carved book that depicts that fact in some way. To know the answer, the children must look it up at Exclusive Books. The book sculpture will grab the attention of the children, and their curiosity will do the rest.
What animal has 25000 teeth?
Book with tooth detail. lazer-cut

Fastest Reading record is 25000 words per min.
Book with cut out words. Cut by hand

Tag. Lazer cut.
Cards inside can be pulled out, and contain information on the location of Exclusice Books.

Two books intertwined. Handles are lazer-cut. If pulled, the more they are pulled, the more they will stick together.
Bury yourself in a book. Hand and lazer-cut.
The children are incouradged to interact with the book, by ‘digging’ through the layers until they dicover a coffin that represents someone being buried in a book.