AS Level Work: Fine Art
This is my project I did in year 12 (grade 11) that I called "Definitions". I've started the project by illustrating and observing things that defines me as a person, things that I use on a daily basis, things that mean differently to me. This is why I ended the coursework with the artist Oriol Angril Jorda, who blends landscape into people. 
The final piece that resulted after the project where simple items are blended into memories that I've associated them with. Also using styles inspired from artists I've explored throughout the project.
This is a development piece where I was investigating how my phone and music takes up a huge part of my life; also mixing artist style with my own.
A simple observation of the contents of my gym bag
A development piece of my day bag
Developing the idea of "Everyday Carry" laid out in front of me
Developing on my indirect self portrait with an image of me and items that sums me up painted as a patterned background