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東京都 - Tokyo Metropolis, Illustrations
Update on Illustrations, all of the images in this section are available as prints now! 
Printed (digital printing) on fine art paper - Hahnemuehle Photo Rag, bright white - 310gsm
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The Manga - 漫画 - (composed of the two kanji 漫 (man) meaning "whimsical or impromptu" and 画 (ga) meaning "pictures) 
A local japanese manifestation (even inspired and derived from western media culture) of a globalized mediascape for the mass circulation of images primarily via printed media like comic books, magazines and newspapers but also now via new media like internet, video games and mobile phones - fun and entertaining to read, rooted in the daily life of millions of japanese people.

This is an attempt to use this common graphical and visual language as representation tool for architectural designs.
To study the city through its representation, analyzing both the elements and composition of an image of the city and the medium/platform through which it is spread and distributed.

   Architectural Manga - Page 03
  Size Drawing: 42 x 82 cm / Size Frame: 50 x 100cm
  Limited Edition
Architectural Manga - Page 02
Size Drawing: 42x82cm / Size Frame: 50x100cm
Limited Edition
Architectural Manga -  Page 01
Size Drawing: 42x82cm / Size Frame: 50x100cm
Limited Edition in progress...

Featured in Bezier Vol.1 - Crooks Press - 2017
An inspirational collection of some today's best and most influential practicing vector based artists and illustrators from around the globe. It offers a unique insight into the creative approaches and practices of artists at the forefront of their craft.

A little low tech GIF animation...
rain rain rain...according to today's weather condition

Golden A' Design Award Winner for Graphics and Visual Communication Design Category in 2018

The Image 'Cityscape' is available as a Limited Edition Screen Print
Color Dark Blue - Edition of 5
Colour Black - Edition of 18
Paperformat: 50cmx70cm (Standard Poster)
Sujet/Image Format: 29,7cm x 42cm (A3)
Printed on Munken Lynx 300gsm

Printed and stamped by the Artist himself (Alexander Daxböck) 

Prize: 120 Euro (shipping excluded)

Not framed!
Along with the print there comes a Certificate of Authenticity (A5) signed and stamped.

Important: Screen prints are not as precise as vector drawings! Instead they look like images/pictures from newspapers (attached two close ups).
The images appears sharp and clear from far away but become 'blurry' by getting very close.

If you're interested just drop me a message here on behance or via gmail

Featured in Drawing Architecture - 2018
Author: Dr. Helen Claire Thomas
Publisher - Phaidon
This gorgeous collection brings together more than 250 of the finest architectural drawings of all time, revealing each architect's process and personality as never before.
Creatively paired to stimulate the imagination, the illustrations span the centuries and range from sketches to renderings, simple to intricate, built projects to a utopian ideal,
famous to rarely seen - a true celebration of the art of architecture

New feature available for the image below! 
Install the free app artivive on your mobile or tablet, open the app, place it above the image and enjoy the image becoming alive. 
東京都 - Tokyo Metropolis, Illustrations

東京都 - Tokyo Metropolis, Illustrations

Tokyo Metropolis - Series of Architectural Illustrations. Using the medium of manga to visualize and promote a fictional project situated in Toky Read More

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