From all buildings in Coimbra, the Sé Velha, (translated from Portuguese as Old Cathedral), is probably one of the most charismatic and illustrious buildings of the city. His construction comes from the early days of the Kingdom of Portugal (the construction is only possible because the Battle of Ourique). Is one of contemporary buildings at the creation of the Kingdom of Portugal.

One of the most impressive buildings of hightown of Coimbra, the Old Cathedral has been reproduced in diferents mediuns with city symbol. 
Inspired in this building, born Sesnado. One modular font based on mozarabic glyphs of builders and in arabic inscriptions found in the stones of cathedral, dating from its construction.
mozarabic glyphs on the building
Some examples of digitization of found character.
Modules created from the simplification of the original glyphs.
(The last one is used only in bold font)
1. Regular

Based on the created modules presented above, a regular version was created for the font. This weight has characters in lowercase, uppercase, small caps, ligatures and nonlinear numbers in his set.
Regular lowercase and uppercase characters set
Set of Alternate Characters and Accented Characters
Numbers and mathematical signs
Some of these ligatures are inspired by the inscriptions of the building, as the surrounding building
Small Caps
Punctuation and Symbols
2. Stencil 
3.  Bold
example of posters for font use.
Poster panel to show Sesnado Stencil
The name is "stolen" from the first duke of Coimbra, Sisnando (or Sesnando) Davides, a mozarabic and a key driver in achieving Coimbra by D. Fernando I, King of Castile and Leon. Today considered a great master of Coimbra for keeping the Coimbra County in parents with the southern caliphs, thanks to its tolerance.  
Today D. Sesnado are buried in this building.
Available soon for download

This is an academic project and hasn't commercial purpose
Sesnado Typeface

Sesnado Typeface

Sesnado is one modular typeface based on mozarabic glyphs of builders and in arabic inscriptions found in the stones of Sé Velha (or in english O Read More


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