A winner project in nomination a "Best Hand Visualization" 
international competition "Architectural Summer 2006".
The Aim of the competItion was to produce a sketch project/idea and to visualize it without any computer techniks (except font), only by hand graphics.
project square is 60 hectares

Concept of International Spa Center "Dragon Lake"
The concept is based on the old legend about the dragon, that guards the Lake
and on ancient megalits, that were found around the lake, carved in amazing figures.
In plan the whole complex is reminiscent of the dragon.
1. the Head - is a construction of an open theatre on water
2. the Neck - is a road to the main bilding, restaurant "on the Hill"
3. the Body :
      1) ground floor on the right - reception, hall, administartion
      2) ground on the left - cafe on the water with a curved terrace
      3) 1st floor - library
      4) -1st floor on the left -restaurant "Waterfall"
      5) ground floor on the left - green gardens
      6) -1st floor, on the left, under gardens - open air swimming pool with grottos
      7) -1,ground floors - baths, muds, swimming pools
4. the Body - swimming pools, open air swimming pool, aromatherapy, etc.
5. the Body - infrastracture
6. the Tail - family apartments
7. the Tail - small apartments
8. the Left Wing - luxury aparments with a view on the lake
9. the Right Wing - Kids camp with infrastructure, swiming pools, gardens, playgrounds, etc.
10. the Dragon's Treasure - the multilayered Garden-Park with canals and walking roads in labyrinth structure, and main square with copies of acient rocks with pertroglifs on them.
"Singing Waterfall" 
makes a great view from the night restaurant lounge area.
Night musical show, peform by combining music, and energy and beauty of falling water into one scenario.
Water falls over stones and bowls, that are moving up and down over the surface of the waterfall,
creating composition in motion connected with the musical sounds.