Select Personal Pieces - 2011
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    A collection of personal pieces and client work from 2011.
Select Personal Pieces
It's that time again! To commemorate the end of 2011, here's a round up of some personal pieces and some client work that I've done over the year. Projects are organized from newest to oldest.
The Eye
Personal illustration for VEAL E-zine collaboration. A simple skull template was provided for  participant illustrators to work upon. You can check out the e-zine issue HERE.
Remember Remember
 Personal illustration based off of the film,"V for Vendetta". Completed for the fifth of November.
Halloween Crest
 A little illustration I did for Halloween.
Flight of the Keybirds
 Personal illustration.
Autumnal Equinox
Shirt design illustration for the band, "Rescuer".
 Unlocking Horizons
 Personal illustration.
Emblem of Beginnings
 Personal illustration for use as a three color silkscreened poster.
Personal shirt design illustration.
Enclothe - Stones
 Shirt design created for Enclothe's 2011 Spring Collection.
Et tu, Brute?
Class assignment for my illustration class. The concept of the illustration was the assassination of Julius Caesar. The 60 daggers represent the approximate number of participants in his assassination, with 23 of the daggers coated in blood to represent the number of times Caesar was stabbed. The illustration was turned into a two color
silkscreen print with an edition of 13.