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    Self initiated project: Boarding pass for a fictitious airline named "Antarticair"
Identity & Boarding Pass 
This is a self initiated project of Antarticair, an fictitious airline based on Antartica. The reason behind the name is because Antartica is the only country/ continent that doesn't already have an airline. The objective is to design a new aesthetically pleasing boarding pass that would ergonomically aid the user in understanding the information. In order to achieve that, I've produced a logo that reflects the airline's name, using a penguin as its mascot with the ice burg behind it. The brand has a colour scheme of turquoise blue that will allow user to related to the Arctic. As for the boarding pass itself, I've design the size of the text according to the importance of the information. 
I've redesigned the conventional boarding pass and kept simple with one font, focusing on the delivery of the information for the user when trying to board; therefore, text such as boarding time and boarding gate is especially large for the user to identify. The boarding pass is designed for it to be scanned and then the butt ripped from the main ticket to be kept for record, which is why the same information is displayed on both sides. The background of the boarding pass reflects a simple, isometric surface of the iceburg; this breaks down the neatly aligned information on it.