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    A collaborative project with three corporations and three disciplines.
Tape Dispenser
In conjunction to other projects this semester our product and packaging design class worked on a collaborative project with three major corporations, 3M, Target, & GNC and two other disciplines; packaging majors and industrial design majors. Each discipline had their own objectives, but we had to work together and collaborate as a team to develop one cohesive look. Each team was given a target audience and a set of constraints by the companies. Our team basically had the chance to design for ourselves because our target audience was college students. The industrial designers role was to design a new dispenser for tape using existing refill rolls of tape, and existing cutter component. Packaging technology's role was to design primary packaging for the product and a store display structure for the tape dispensers. Things to keep in mind were the use of paperboard substrates, a window to see the product while in retail environment, structural integrity for case packing, unitization on a pallet for maximum distribution via least cost and graphic communication that are needed. The Graphic Design's role was to design graphics for the primary package of the tape dispenser and display for a Target End Cap. We had to develop a primary graphic appeal, style and product communication. Things to keep in mind were shelf position and the view of the graphics at retail, a window to see the product while for sale at retail, bar code, product code and other key data needed. Our team brainstormed many different names and product concepts. We thought the strongest product concept that fit our target audience the best was the idea of a fully enclosed tape dispenser that was completely portable. College students are always on the go and need a heavy duty product that can be tossed around and be protected from outside dust, fuzz, crumbs, etc. Below our product is displayed with a carabiner that can easily be clipped to a backpack. Our brand name that we created, Cocoon, speaks directly about the product and its enclosed features. Our graphics include a simple dot pattern that reflect the grip on the product itself. In attempts to keep this product cheap with college students in mind, we tried to keep production costs down by using only one color, green, on white. We presented to the corporations twice, once was a in-process presentation and then the final presentation. Each presentation was judged by representatives from the three different corporations. There was a total of seven groups and our group took 3rd place, honorable mention. Below is a combination of 3D renderings and mock-ups of our final designs.
Primary packaging for the tape dispenser.
Packaging with the product displayed.
Store, end cap, display. The center open space would be pegged with product hanging. The bottom cylinder would be a grab bin that would hold refills. 
Side view of the store display. This is what the customer would see walking down an aisle at a store. 
Refill packaging.
Back of the packaging with a a diagram of the product and its features.