"Angela's Ecstacy"
 "Bart 'Standing Elk' Cartwright"
 "Bosom Buddies"
 "Brandon Garland"
 "Cash Crop"_ Contemplations of American Sculptor:  Stephen Hayes
 "Dennis Wagner_ Lena'pe Warrior"
 "Dragons in my Brain"_ A Self-Portrait
 "Fairy Folk"
 "Jack 'Grey Eagle' and Marci Dowdy
 "James Baxter"
 "Jimmy Bones"
 "My Life in Color"_ Jimmy Bones
 "John Pierce"
 "Madelynn Marie Moreno"
 "NDN Gryl_ a Portrait of Diane Thompson"
 "Prayers for the Delaware_ Chuck 'Gentlemoon' Demund_ Lena'pe Nation Riverkeeper"
 "Sharon Ray_ Southern Herbalist"
 "Snow Girl"
 "Stephen Hayes"
" A Rising American Sculptor_ Stephen Hayes"
 "The Vortex of Chaos; Madness in the Mind of the Artist"
 "The Waterslide"
 "Veronica and Vicki"_Mother and Daughter