Peculiar Dreams is about a boy named Danny who one night dreams about flying with cats. Later, he and his friend Nelly discover that this was an omen sent by the moon guardians- who are, guess what? Cats. They embark on a journey of yellow lights and creeping vines and soon find themselves fighting their way through darkness and one fat cat named Black.
Back in college, a dream project was considered as the highlight of all our years of hard work and learning. This was where we challenged ourselves into taking in all that we've learned- design fundamentals, color theories, photography basics, etc. -  and put it all together to make any thing we desired.

We were told that the project should reflect the direction we wanted to pursue once we had graduated. And I had always dreamed, even before college, of being an author and an artist.

So I decided to go ahead and chase this dream.
Progress Photos
Thank you!

PS: I'd also like to thank my art direction teachers Miss Toting and Miss Carla for having given us this wonderful opportunity. So many of us have found our ways because of DP. We had a lot of fun, too.Thank you guys.