• BINARY STATEMENTAll we need is a shortcut
  • Binary Statement is a serie of four 28x28 cm hand printed etchings numbered and signed in 5 copies for each drawing. Every print consists of a Soft-Ground etching for the outline drawing and an aquatint etching for the tonal effect.
    Each hand made typography artwork talks about the relationship between technology and human being playing on that and trying not to be so serious.
  •  BINARY STATEMENT VOL. I: Press ⌘ + )  /  ctrl + ) to wash your tears away
  • BINARY STATEMENT VOL. II: Press ⌘ + D / ctrl + D to laugh like the first time
  • BINARY STATEMENT VOL. III: Press ⌘ + Q  /  ctrl + Q to quit your bad habits
  • BINARY STATEMENT VOL. IV: Press ⌘ + S  /  ctrl + S to save your dreams for the day