Task: to build brand platform, corporate identity and advertising campaign. Formula 1 Grand Prix of Russia’s location is a unique racing circuit suited between sea and mountains. To ensure the quality of its communication at all levels, our agency has developed an arsenal of highly effective tools to increase sales. Marketing, advertising, presentation and image materials change on a daily basis the perception of the brand by customers and partners for the better. There are thousands of references to the Sochi Autodrom in the media and online publications, site traffic increased by 35% and content in social networks is gaining hundreds of thousands of views.
Identity development. Sochi Autodrom’s identity is based on its main location advantages associated with the Imereti lowland which combines water and rocky reliefs, a high-tech infrastructure of tracks, as well as the dynamism and speed of automobile competitions. It should be noted that the designed media consistently receives positive evaluation by the target audience, attracts the attention of visitors and allows customers to select only the information they need.
Staff corporate form design. We have developed a combination of clothing that is suited for the active lifestyle and is perfectly adapted to the weather conditions of the region, as it includes a jacket, vest, sweater, shirt, hat, cap and mittens or gloves
Product range formation. To increase the points of interaction with the customer, the impact on his attitude to the brand and to increase profit margins, we use another effective tool, which is creating a product line that includes a variety of seasonal products, such as the ice cream cone. Forging a link between the heat on the street, and overheating of the engine of the car, we put on the label special temperature sensor with the needle in the red sector, which symbolizes that the buyer needs to cool down and chill their “inner engine” with ice cream.
Product range formation. These gifts are always an effective tool to increase revenue and increase loyalty to the company, so in the process of creating them we always use special, non-standard approaches and solutions. To develop packaging of chocolates we turn to another automobile association and add to the layout of the fuel gauge. As sweet is a natural source of energy for the human, we therefore offer buyers giftware brand chocolates that allow them to “refuel” and continue to go about their business without stopping halfway. In addition to the conceptual component, it should be noted that it also works financially: 3 months of this commercial activity produced an income of nearly 8 million.