Task: to build brand platform, its positioning and corporate identity. We believe that there are more valuable results than expensive metal, so we introduce for international gold mining company Nordgold the idea «More than gold», which brings together on different continents employees of the corporation, and reflects their attitude and confidence in the future. This formulation demonstrates the confidence of investors, the company’s commitment to regional development and the preservation of the planet. For this project, as in the majority of cases, we demonstrate a complex approach: dealing with brand platform, its positioning, core values and a representative structure of the company, developing corporate identity, as well as all the major carriers. 
Big idea formulation. For any other company this method of constructing a slogan («More than a house», «More than a car») does not carry any content, and only here, with this precious metal, the phrase «More than gold» is filled with meaning, acquires significance and begins to resound.
Design of departments' and projects' logo system. Apart from the main Nordgold logo, we offer a system of individual brand names for some of the most important departments and projects that can be used independently.
Create clear infographics. Particular attention is paid to the development of exemplary and interesting infographic that explains the big idea of Nordgold, demonstrates the value of the company, and aptly describes its history, key facts and achievements.
Formation of communication language. An important part of the project is to provide a simple communication language understandable to each employee, which manifests itself in all of Nordgold’s corporate identity.