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    Concept study, creating weaponry for use in video games.
The following is a study into creating concepts for video games. The full process includes speed skamps in photoshop, box modelling in 3DS Max, UVW texture Layouts in 3DS Max and Texture painting in Photoshop. The final step is a composite render of the weapon in a real game environment.
I created several quick sketches before choosing which weapon to develop further.
Below the chosen Sketch:
The blank concept, box modeled in 3DS Max:
Base Model showing wireframe and completed textures:
Multi angle view of the completed base model:
Multi angle view of the model with completed texture maps:
Angle View 1:
Angle View 2:
Below the completed "In-Game" screencap. HUD Elements are created by myself while the level and enemy character were pulled from various other games.