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Make Something Cool Every Day
Make Something Cool Every Day
A study in creativity. From January until October 2012 I tried to do exactly as the title suggests. However I chose the year to do this when I was also working on a Master's Thesis, planning a wedding and getting married, and moving from Vermont to Wisconsin to London to Colombia. This made the project even more interesting and challenging in my expectations and results. For example, I thought I would be able to finish the entire year, but that just wasn't possible. In the end, some days' works are a success and some days are not. Just like life, I s'pose. 
01-01-12: The other 99 percent.
01-02-12: Rotten fruit.
01-03-12: Pressed flowers.
01-04-12: Pressed flower.
01-05-12: Oppressed flour.
Notes: Sam's idea. 
Also King Arthur Flour is
not affiliated with Kim Jong-un.
01-06-12: Toast with raspberry jam.
01-07-12: Salad.
01-08-12: Panorama of the dirt farm.
01-09-12: Lego man watches Glee.
01-10-12: Lego man and Buddha go on vacation.
01-11-12: Bangs, before and after.
01-12-12: Beer bottle as Harry Potter.
01-13-12: Mitten as Harry Potter.
01-14-12: iPod as Harry Potter.
01-15-12: Harry Potter as Harry Potter.
01-16-12: Cookies with a chocolate chip drop shadow.
01-17-12: Urban Outfitters in Burlington, VT.
01-18-12: Sculpey bracelet for Lily.
01-19-12: Bananas.
01-20-12: Fresh bread.
01-21-12: Poem.
01-22-12: Paper-cut letters.
01-23-12: Sculpey snake.
01-24-12: George Carlin's Seven Words You Can Never Say on TV.
01-25-12: The Mitt and The Newt.
01-26-12: The meeting of two spiders.
(I imagine it's like meeting a supermodel -
they look all plasticky and fake up close.)
01-27-12: Patterns.
01-28-12: Coffee lovers' mug.
01-29-12: Tea lovers' mug.
01-30-12: Cough E.
01-31-12: Winter sky.
02-01-12: Broken cereal bowl.
02-02-12: Lily made of paper.
02-03-12: Lily made of Post It note.
02-04-12: Lily made of tissue.
02-05-12: Watering, before and after.
02-06-12: Poem from a romance novel.
02-07-12: Leaning Tower of Pisa watches Glee.
02-08-12: Blooms!
02-09-12: Homophones.
02-10-12: Chocolate cake.
02-11-12: The return of Michelangelo.
02-12-12: Why journalism is dead.
02-13-12: A rose by any other name.
02-14-12: Watercolor and letterpress.
02-15-12: Curious George.
02-16-12: Snow in Bryce Canyon, UT.
02-17-12: Colors in Bryce Canyon, UT.
02-18-12: Traffic light in a curry house.
Notes: Dani's idea.
Made of tamarind sauce,
mango pudding, and mint sauce.
02-19-12: William Steig illustration and my AT&T phone.
02-20-12: Paper-cut thank you card for Dani.
02-21-12: Identity crisis.
02-22-12: William Steig illustration, my phone, and a friend.
02-23-12: William Steig illustration, Marge Simpson, and George the Rose. 
02-24-12: Tiny bird.
02-25-12: Patterns.
02-26-12: Under the weather.
02-27-12: American Gothic fingertips. 
02-28-12: Storm trooper watches Glee. 
02-29-12: Leap day.
03-01-12: Chin face. 
03-02-12: Spanish tongue-twister on a Post-it note. 
03-03-12: German tongue-twister on a Post-it note. 
03-04-12: French tongue-twister on a Post-it note. 
03-05-12: Inspiration - cool tights. 
03-06-12: Can you see the face?
03-07-12: Paper-cut dancing Jesse Lonergan
03-08-12: Inspiration - tea packaging. 
03-09-12: Miniature fruit tarts made with plums, strawberries, kiwi, and grapes. 
03-10-12: Truffles!
03-11-12: Crow's feet.
03-12-12: Potato stamp bird.
03-13-12: Potato stamp lion.
03-14-12: Platypi hug the earth.
03-15-12: Cockney slang in cut-out letters. 
03-16-12: Someone stole my mail.
03-17-12: Don't forget.
03-19-12: A thought on carpooling. 
03-20-12: Sans serif fonts are the friendly fonts. 
03-21-12: Inspiration - frozen pizza (not really).
03-22-12: Drama.
03-23-12: Paper-cut clothes line.
03-24-12: An actual hand-written letter to be sent in the mail.
03-25-12: The bipolar bear.
03-26-12: Unique.
03-27-12: Noodle wuz here.
03-28-12: Sheep impostor.
03-29-12: Have you tried my recipe for corned beef and cribbage?
03-30-12: Sheep impostor.
03-31-12: Frida Kahlo quote in watercolor.
04-01-12: Whitney Houston lyrics in watercolor.
04-02-12: Enchilada dinner.
04-03-12: Excerpt from How to Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon.
04-04-12: Goodbye, Dylan.
04-05-12: Daily dose.
04-06-12: Google's existential crisis.
04-07-12: Postcard.
04-08-12: Easter egg.
04-09-12: A silly slogan rethought. 
04-10-12: Wine tasting.
04-11-12: Rubber stamp message on paper bag. 
04-12-12: The spelling error was a genuine contingency. 
04-13-12: Inspiration - Thank you card. 
04-14-12: Birthday card for a friend.(Getting better with the rubber stamps!)
04-15-12: Spring time!
04-16-12: Fuck off. 
04-17-12: Chalk dust. 
04-18-12: Doodles.
04-19-12: Doodles.
04-20-12: Patterns.
04-21-12: I only eat candy.
04-22-12: Thesis done. 
04-23-12: Two hearts.
04-24-12: Mac face. 
04-25-12: Mac face. 
04-26-12: Hopeful.
04-27-12: Things that make me feel like a giant - baby pinecone.
04-28-12: Things that make me feel like a giant - miniature orange.
04-29-12: Ready for summer. 
04-30-12: Face.
05-01-12: Salt-n-Pepa.
05-02-12: Enough with the flow charts.
05-03-12: The same could be applied to a bottle of gin.
05-04-12: Result!
05-05-12: I can't stop reading Game of Thrones.
05-06-12: Things that make me feel like a giant - cocktail sword.
05-07-12: Card for Grandma.
05-08-12: Card for Mom.
05-09-12: Pho bo.
05-10-12: Parents! in Boston, MA.
05-11-12: Diploma designed by Eleanor Davis. 
05-12-12: Sex tips yet to be published in Cosmopolitan
05-13-12: Sex tips yet to be published in Cosmopolitan.
05-14-12: Sex tips yet to be published in Cosmopolitan.
05-15-12: Sex tips yet to be published in Cosmopolitan.
05-16-12: Thank you!
05-17-12: Thank you!
05-18-12: Thank you card made with photograph.
05-19-12: Thanks.
05-20-12: Thank you.
05-21-12: Thank you.
05-22-12: Things that make me feel like a giant - barbell.
05-23-12: New project!
05-24-12: New project taking shape.
05-25-12: Inspiration - David Shrigley. 
05-26-12: Hard rocks.
05-27-12: Sorry, lav is inop.
05-28-12: Overexposure in Alabama.
05-29-12: Brother!
05-30-12: Sailboat.
05-31-12: Wedding!
06-01-12: Inspiration - gradients. 
06-02-12: Patterns.
06-03-12: Angry birds.
06-04-12: My translation of a Neruda poem.
06-05-12: Project continues.
06-06-12: It's a Kindle.
06-07-12: Mole constellation - Dog.
06-08-12: Natural reds.
06-09-12: Every great sword needs a name. (Some call him Enoz, but I call him Buzzkill.)
06-10-12: Wall says.
06-11-12: Floor says.
06-12-12: Screen printing.
06-13-12: Card made with a photograph.
06-14-12: Literal light switch. 
06-15-12: Literal light switch.
06-16-12: Things that make me feel like a giant - cocktail umbrella.
06-17-12: Little sprouts! All grown up.
06-18-12: Summer do.
06-19-12: Supporting documents for my visa. 
06-20-12: Pinkie from Brighton Rock
06-21-12: Two birds eye one stone warily. 
06-22-12: Inspiration - Jon Klassen. 
06-23-12: Poetry with my left hand. 
06-24-12: Card made out of a photograph (front and back).
06-25-12: Envelope.
06-26-12: Mac 'n' cheese.
06-27-12: Paper-cut project - almost done!
06-28-12: Sculpey pendant.
06-29-12: Sculpey pendant. 
06-30-12: Forest for the trees (made of mascara).
07-01-12: Fruit monster. 
07-02-12: Surf's up.
07-03-12: View through the fence - New York City.
07-04-12: Dumplings in Chinatown. 
07-05-12: Pairs in Manhattan -
red/red, black/black, purple/purple, orange/orange, yellow/yellow.
07-06-12: A new visa!
07-07-12: Giraffe. 
07-08-12: Elephant.
07-09-12: Shark.
07-10-12: Sam.
07-11-12: Welcome to Wisconsin. You can't beat it with a cheese stick.
07-12-12: The Cock Ness Monster. 
07-13-12: The Cock Less Monster.
07-14-12: Ain't that America.
07-15-12: Summertime cocktails.
07-16-12: Canoe on the Connecticut River.
07-17-12: Sunburned leg.
07-18-12: Dad's old records.
07-19-12: Work in progress.
07-20-12: Work progressing.
07-21-12: Learning Spanish. Otra vez.
07-22-12: Saul Goodman.
07-23-12: American Splenda.
07-24-12: Splenda in the Grass.
07-25-12: Dill, onion and cheddar bread. 
07-26-12: Meet me in Wyoming - be there or be square. 
07-27-12: Dill bread in action - with tomato, basil and chickpea soup.
07-28-12: Origami bird, made in spite of the indecipherable instructions. 
07-29-12: Wilco.
07-30-12: Screenprint.
07-31-12: Peeling.
08-01-12: Washington - it's not always raining here. 
08-02-12: Thumbnailing.
08-03-12: Inspiration - Smuttynose packaging.
08-04-12: Oreo-lympics.
08-05-12: Breakfast of Champions.
08-06-12: Summer oranges.
08-07-12: Summer salad.
08-08-12: Take it. A piece of my heart.
08-09-12: Balloon watching in White River Junction, VT. 
08-10-12: Clothes line card (