Footage from a local skatepark. sony FS700 with 18-200mm lens.
An edit of a short film "Susannah".I was provided with the raw files and script to create my vision of this piece. Edited in FCPX.
My mother in law had her kitchen remodeled and asked that I document it for her. Shot on Sony FS700 and edited in FCPX. 
I conceived, shot, edited and post produced this project in a span of several hours. It's easily the funniest thing that I have created yet. Shot on Sony Fs700 and edited with FCPX. 
I shot this image of three electrical poles just behind our house in Edinburg, Texas  The symetry at this angle was appealing. It was a hot day close to 100 fahrenheit.  I wanted to show the beauty of the poles mixed with the foliage coming in. ISO 1600.  1/100th Shutter speed
I have always loved the look of power plants and this shoot was a great experience.  The whole complex is a sight to behold.  I was in awe at the sight of such beauty. Edinburg, Texas.  f8 ISO500 shuttered to 1/60
My father in law had some interesting pieces around his home. Featured here is a magnifying glass with a bull's horn handle.  I felt impressed with the workmanship on the piece.   f4.5 ISO400 Shuttered to 1/13
This is a reproduction cannon ball to mimic a mid-1800's shell. I love the textures and felt b/w was a great way to capture these textures. I also used a long shutter speed to allow the natural light to illuminate the metallic textures. I love how the image turned out.  Such beauty from a destructive object. f8 ISO400 shuttered at 2/4
Our perpetually hungry cat managed to sit still for a little while to allow me to capture her image. You can almost see the pangs of hunger forming in her eyes. Our cat constantly amuses us and I love how easily she translates to photography.  f 5.6 ISO400 shuttered to 1/30
My muse, Adriana. She was very patient and allowed me to get a few ideal portraits. I did my best to capture the look of her Mexican-American heritage. f 5.6 ISO400 1/40.  
Some images from a friend's engagement photos. Shot on Sony A7 at 43mm, ISO 200 f 5.6  1/320  McAllen, Texas
Daniella and Nikki. Sony A7.
Daniella & Nikki. Schupp Park, McAllen Texas ISO 400. 39mm. f 4.5