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Renê & Alex
Renata is from Minas Gerais, and Alex, from Curitiba. The two share a love for literature, travelling, and the arts. Their wedding, a simple yet elegant cerimony in the countriside of Minas Gerais, reflects the couple's personality.
Guimarães Rosa, also from Minas Gerais, is one of the couple's favourite author. In many of his books, the writer collaborated with Poty Lazzarotto, an artist from Curitiba. Their partnership, know as a perfect combination of form and content, was the main inspiration behind the invitation.

Representing both interests of the couple and the nature of the cerimony, the illustrations were drawn in reference to Poty's wood engraving style. Using both screen-printing and Hot Stamping, the printing processes were chosen in order to balance with the roughness of the illustrations. The floral pattern (inpired by their favorite painting, Van Gogh's Sunflowers) was chosen by the same reason.
Renê & Alex