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square root table
Industrial Design
Walnut, aluminum, biscuits, glue, 4 screws.

The Squareroot table is a study in minimalist furniture. It was inspired by the mid-century bent ply tables. One of its key features - the magazine rack - acts as storage and structural support for the table. Another feature is the bent solid aluminum leg. It was important to have a different material than the table top.  This emphasizes the square root shape and gives the illusion of a floating table top.  It was important to have all of the grain pattern match through every bend to illustrate it was made from one continuous piece.

Square Root was designed to be easily repaired if broken.  The product will absorb dings and nicks to display the personality and identity of the user.

The walnut has been finished with tung oil and the aluminum has been given a brushed finish.

grain pattern matches though out the entire piece. This enforces the idea that the table was made from one piece of walnut.
Natural finish of the tung oil.
square root table