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    Experiemental calendar interacted with on a weekly basis to reflect the passage of time of certain objects relating to each month of the year.
"The longest solo round the world helium hot air balloon flight was flown by Steve Fossett for 13 days."
"50,000 cells in your body will be replaced with new cells by the time you finish watching this gif."
"On average we spend 5.5 days a year waiting for slow computers."
"In the first showing of a motion picture in 1984, Charles Jenkins won a bet that horses have all four feet
in the air simultaneously while running."
"Massive stars can explode in a supernova afer a few million years of fusion. A star with a mass like the sun
fuses hydrogen for about 10 billion years."
"The sugar content of a banana increases to its highest point as the banana starts browning."
"The dual popsicle was introduced during the Great Depression as a way to split the treat
across two children for the same cost."
"The longest song ever recorded with a total length of 72:44, Incantations, was released by Mike Oldfield in 1978."
"Red wine fermentation lasts less than a week. Whites are fermented over a span of several weeks
to bring out more flavors and aromas."
"California bristlecone pines and giant sequoias are regarded as the oldest trees and
have been known to live 4,000 to 5,000 years."
"The longest beard on a living male was an impressive 6 feet from end of chin to tip."
"Light circulates earth 7.5 times in one second."