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About Me
A short story about my life and achievements
Opening your eyes in a well educated family is an inestimable blessing. I became conscious of this gift as I grew older. Having visionary parents who nurture you and polish your abilities with deep love and wisdom, is a priceless gift. This gift motivated me throughout my life and inspired me.

I acquired love for both art and science at a very early age. My father revives the memories of me playing with the colorful curtains when I was a suckling child (kind of a hint to my inclinations). Also inspired by my uncle; drawing and painting set me into the path of creativity and self-expression (which I still recall with a smile). The science and engineering part came down at me naturally from my father, as I was deeply inspired by the discussions we used to have about the world we live in and how mankind gathered the knowledge for the best of his own kind. Astronomy at first really took my heart as I used to watch the night sky twinkling with stars and my eager eyes used to search for shooting stars. I used to Draw pictures through my imagination of the worlds that are out of reach.

As I was a kid I used to draw on paper and make different sorts of artwork. At times I used to break my own toys or secretly take things from my dad's tool boxes and hardware at home to build my own ingenuous machines. I also used to write stories with my own comic style drawings that I used to do in secret from my parents (I still wonder why? *laughs*). That was not it! The thing that really moved me throughout my life was something that was not so common at the time when I was a kid. Yes the Computer!

Dad bought a ZX-80 machine of AI Corporation (Japan) when I wasn't even born. And I used to work and play games (Rope Runner, flappy) when people feared even to touch the computer (that’s when I was like 3 or 4 years old). I learned to type at a very early age. I also used to do programming on languages like basic, qbasic. Even on these programming language softwares when I had my creativity asking me to do something; I used the graphic codes to generate images merely on these programs. Then we had the 286, 386 and 486 where I used to learn new softwares and play games of course :D. The most famous of all the "Prince of Persia" really made me crazy at that time. Also I was always perusing to fill up my urge of creating things by looking for softwares that were meant for that. I really enjoyed working in Fractals and the really nice software at that time named Fanta Animator. When Intel had their breakthrough of the first Pentium computers I was really impressed not just to see the processor but also the Windows 95 released. My favorite application for my artwork was the MS Paint (Wew! I am happy that they upgraded it now in windows 7 it’s been a while :P). And then I got into the world of WWW (well the world wide web not WWE :P ). From there on things were faster to learn and the world felt so closer. Not only that it helped in getting in touch with different people from different cultures around but it also helped to know what was going on at the horizon of science and technology at that time. I was always the one digging (At that time there wasn't any Dig.com nor Wikipedia :D) through websites to look for new softwares and technologies and also to checkout documentaries and read articles. Hence I learned softwares like Coral Draw, Adobe Flash (Macromedia Flash at that time), AutoCad and my favouite 3D studio max. Later at the time when I started my High school I went on to learn more of such applications especially related to web designing (MS Frontpage and Adobe Dreamweaver (Macromedia Dreamweaver)). I also learned Visual Basic, C, C++ and html programming languages then. I started to share my knowledge with others by teaching softwares both individually and at institute. That I recall was a very nice teenage experience. Then I went more into the 3D stuff and digital media. Did Non-linear Editing, worked in a TV Studio, started doing freelance projects. All that experience was really worth it and made me learn so many things at an early age. Before I started my engineering education I took a leap at the more sophisticated softwares starting with Autodesk Inventor which was a good head start for me, also my previous knowledge of AutoCAD really made me going. Then I learned Pro-E Wildfire, Solid Edge, Solidworks. I touched even more complex softwares like Catia and Ansys. I also learned the electronics sofware such as OrCAD, Altium Designer, Eagle CAD, NI workbench and even NI Labview. Then I worked on modeling and simulation tool Matlab; also because that was part of my engineering education (I was aware of it at my early teenage years as one of my Uncle [who is a system engineer] used to do his projects on that). Studying and seeking new opportunities for gaining more experience in diverse fields continued throughout my engineering education. I really enjoyed working with the organization Ehorizon that worked on the project of CBT (Computer based training) that was a System for the education of Engineers and Technicians for government organizations along with several other multimedia projects. I really enjoyed my Final Year Project for the completion of my engineering degree. I built the CNC Gantry Machine and learned so many things in completing that project; all the evens and odds of the project and its planning and the troubleshooting, fabrication, assembly, design modifications,  shop drawing, reviewing,  manufacturing etc. I got an opportunity to explore the world of civil engineering and construction. And here I explored many other fields of interest and became more aware of how projects are handled at larger scales, the management and administration, the man power needs, and naturly the softwares that are used within this domain. Yes that’s how I got to the Oil rich North African beautiful country, Libya. I won’t say I have learned everything but I guess well enough for my age. Still there is a long road ahead and more horizons to explore. I am always up and ready for new challenges and I always love to work with a team that joins hands together to achieve their goals.

I love the quote that my dad says to me which always moves me and pushes me to be persistent to learn more and more. That quote is:
"Knowledge is Power"

Well that was a “little” about me.. :)
Nasir Ashfaq
Engineer//CG Artist