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    commissioned family portrait
Canvas (1.20/1.80 meter)
Instead of painting the family members I decided to take another spin on the concept.
I asked all the members of the family to write me a letter, they all chose to write about eachother.
Reading the letters, I had a good idea of the different characters and the dynamics of the family as a group.
Each element in the painting has its own meaning as a symbol or allegory, specifically chosen to depict this unique family.
The family consists out of 4 girls, all adopted from China and Belgian parents.
I've started the painting depicting Pixiu, a Chinese mythological creature that stands for protection, safety, fait-lay and right. This also reffers to the Chinese background of the girls.
I decided to paint one of the statues dark and the other white. Symbolising yin/yang, male and female. They stand for the parents. I've given them a happy face to symbolize the happiness and humor.
Next up was the tree, flowing from the statues to the sky.
Adding the animals and background. I decided to picture the girls as animals, each with their own character. Each animal stands for its own allegory, depicting the key characterpoints of each girl.