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    Pamphlet for Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto and Praxia the consulting firm working on the project requiring a handout at the Innova… Read More
    Pamphlet for Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto and Praxia the consulting firm working on the project requiring a handout at the Innovation in Healthcare Expo in Toronto 2007. Images were open source, my contribution creating the diagrams, formatting, and editing. Read Less
Innovation in Healthcare Expo 2007 - Handout
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre is Canada's largest single site hospital and one of the world's premiere Academic Health Sciences Centres. In 2007 I helped develop this pamphlet while a McMaster University graduate student. It is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Created on behalf of Decision Support and Praxia for Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto for representation at the Innovation in Healthcare Expo Summer 2007.
The images were open source and the format, pantone colours, fonts, and logos standard for the organization and so very clinical in nature. This is an example of following design standards set by an organization to create acceptable design and academic ad work.
My contribution was condensing about 100 pages of information for a manager and designing the booklet and simplifying very complex diagrams for the old and new system after studying the existing documentation, an accompanying 6 foot foam core poster also was ordered and displayed. This took many revisions and many meetings to complete before being made available to the public.
Before making arrangements with the onsite printer, a panel reviewed and approved all information and formatting.
As this was created near the beginning of an MBA co-op job as Information Management Resident in Decision Support at Sunnybrook, my manager who was speaking at the event brought me with him to hand out pamphlets standing with the poster at Exhibition Place in Toronto 2007.
In addition to this pamplet there was an animated Powerpoint presentation assembled for my superior which he presented at this event and other events.
- Powerpoint for Decision Support/Finance Luncheon introducing every employee and their function
- Various Reports Using Standard Colours and Logos, Outline retained on file in DS for future reports
- Redesigned and Consolidated several forms across 3 hospital campuses filled out by every patient requiring overnight stay on behalf of the manager of accounts receivable working with print department to replace standard form in system
-Replaced existing pamphlets regarding hospital accomodations and payment options for non-ohip based requests sent to each patient requiring orthopedic overnight stay at Holland Centre with content provided by and approved by that hospital.
-Redesigned internal access page for Decision Support and Finance using corporate standard logos and fonts to create a user friendly portal for easy access to documents by employee name on the share drive