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    Creation of a new bag identity for Reebok. /Design language/Designed around Reebok consumer UX.
This program was the first fully dedicated Bag range for our Reebok consumer.The process started from the specific user experience of these training freaks.
We defined a certain way of organizing the compartments that need to share commuter,professional and Training needs.
From a visual standpoint, we wanted to call out our brand in a simple but systematic position (the central hypalon band).
We also wanted to give a strong identity to the front panel to create a unique recognizable signature.We got inspired from car grille cover.We merged it with our user experience exploration to create an additional/verstatile compartment that could hold a jacket, an helmet, a yoga mat…
From there ,we created materials and graphics packs to ensure we cover our different activities and environments needs.
More to come soon !
Check www.reebok.com