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    Informational architecture, web design, and website development for Siri
There’s a new way to get things done – just ask Siri – and Siri asked Emblematiq for a refreshed online presence.
Siri represents a new breed of virtual personal assistants – one with whom you interact simply by asking questions in plain English and one that can successfully and quickly help you manage various aspects of your everyday life, from recommending a good steak restaurant to calling a taxi.

Siri’s web site is primarily a marketing tool for the product’s unique concept and capabilities but it is also a place where its growing user community can communicate with the company. To accomplish the first part of this goal, I came up with a design language that connects with the application itself, thus portraying the overall brand, and a specific set of interactions aimed at explaining what Siri is all about in just a few simple steps. A straight-forward informational structure invites users to further explore the site and ultimately download Siri. Social and community based components ease the communication between the Siri team and its audience. The site is supported by a flexible back-end system that makes site management almost as easy as using this incredible virtual personal assistant.
May 2010