Deep One
3d creature design 
I’ve recently attended Bryan Wynia’s course and in result here is my final entry. It is a creature design based on the description of what H.P. Lovecraft calls a “deep one” in his novel “Shadow over Innsmouth”.

About the course:
The course was a blast ! Bryan definitely have a unique lay of working and did put a lot of effort in his course. The three weeks of creature creation , following his instructions and videos were amazing experience…and the best thing is that I heard he will update it soon with ZB4 R2 stuff and more. I recommend it to everyone that have interest in designing creatures and wants to bring their game to a higher level. Although I think to take as most as you can from the course, one must have a basic understanding of human anatomy first.

About the process:
You can see the whole process with supporting images in a very detailed making of article on my blog (also to see high-res version of the images below). Basically I started with a series of speedsculpts incorporating fish and frog elements from various reference images I found on the web. The next stage was the most fun one - creating variants and exploring the design further using Photoshop with extensive use of the liquify tool , the puppet warp and basic overpainting. After I picked a design that I liked, I refined the sculpture to resemble it better and proceeded with coloring and designing the patterns. Then comes the final stage of rendering the whole thing by creating multiple passes in Zbrush and combining them in Photoshop.