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    The Right Way How to Get Starthead
The Story

Say you start with a problem or question.
Suddenly, you get an idea how to resolve it — simply. So you keep moving forward… you’re getting passionate about it, and starting to get really creative and take initiative because you are enjoying what you’re doing. You even start getting up at 4 am, because you're so excited about the progress you’ll make that day. Every once in a while, some smartass says "It won't work...", but you don't care. You are strong and persistent enough.

Two, three, five weeks pass by and suddenly — You don't think
the idea is so cool anymore.

Passion turns into boredom. Creativity becomes bureaucracy.
Fun? Well, it's more of an obligation than that, now. Suddenly your setting your alarm clock for 8 am instead of 4, and hitting snooze three times after that. And slowly but surely you realize… It's over. The idea is not happening.

But... What if someone created drug for making idea happen?
Well, we did. 
One pill for each of 6 skills which lead to a successful outcome.
This is The Right Drug for creatives.

Need to make your idea happen but "ah-ha" moment ain't coming?
Take the pill and refill your skill. Creative's first aid.
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